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Estate Cedar Wood Planters. Spring is almost here! Ideal for your business green landscaping.


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Member of U.S. Green Building Council

Our company's motto "Saving the world one business at a time" is our commitment to promote sustainable store retail and hospitality design through our product's innovation.

There are many ways companies of all sizes can reduce their environmental footprints, save money, earn consumer trust and comply with government regulations. Most shoppers wont be able to identify the energy-saving qualities of a T8 fluorescent lamp or know that a refrigeration system is emitting fewer greenhouse gases. But for every behind-the-scenes green element, there are natural bamboo display stand, reclaimed wine barrel wood fixtures or a bamboo wall cover to denote that that particular store is taking a more responsible approach with its materials selection. Our products are designed to build with minimum use of materials and use materials with the lowest environmental impacts like natural bamboo, recycled wine barrels, reclaimed oak wood and certified plantation cedar wood.

We offer a complete full line of ecology sustainable display fixtures, POP, commercial bamboo floor, wall cover, store and business decoration, green building material, landscaping products, site amenity, everything that you need to enhance your business retail and sale promotion environment. Our products are designed for retail store, hospitality business, restaurant, resorts and promotion event, customized event display. Our products will help your business to attract customers and promote to increase sales.

Oak Barrel Recepticle handcrafted with reclaimed used wine barrel.

It is possible to turn a natural bamboo plant without sacrificing our nature to a great looking Engineered Bamboo Shelving unit

What we believe

Protect Our Planet is the philosophy that inspires our commitment to being an environmentally responsible retailer and manufacturer. We believe that companies can help protect the environment and support sustainable development.

What we do

Supporting sustainable resources Green Store Inc is committed to supporting environmentally responsible materials and technologies by promoting the use of renewable sources and sustainable raw ingredients.

Bamboo ability to grow on marginal and waste lands, rapid growth, low-cost extraction, low-cost processing, multi-functionality, make them important for subsistence and income needs of rural communities. Rapidly renewable resource like bamboo can grow on even steep hill, bamboo check erosion and conserve soil, and reducing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere to help slow down the global warming. Our classic bamboo and engineered bamboo products are design to meet the needs of business to display and merchandising their production.

We incorporate the rustic beauty of wood into our line of display products, we acquire our wood material from proven sources which are certified to practice responsible woodland management.

We recycle used oak wood wine barrels into a whole series of wine rack, unique planters, furniture for store, and hospitality business.

Green Store Inc products specifications protect the environment around the world and in your business. The durable factory finish on our bamboo product line is water-based and solvent-free. Green Store Inc proprietary manufacturing adhesive emits less formaldehyde than allowed by U.S. OSHA, European E1, CARB Phase 1 and Phase 2, and Japanese JIS/JAS (F**) standards. As a company, we are moving swiftly toward exclusive use of phenol formaldehyde based adhesives that comply with LEED IEQ Credit 4.4 in all our products



Show your customers that you care about what matter the most to them and their future by going Green & Natural. Our  uniquely designed Green Store display & decoration products will make a statement for you & help your business grow and be profitable.

Engineered BambooGridwall
H display unit, oak wood color, use standard gridwall accessories.

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