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BP Series, Bamboo Poles
BP Series, Bamboo Poles

Bamboo poles are used in construction of various indoor and outdoor projects that require the natural rustic look of the bamboo. Bamboo pole is one of the most common material used in the Asian garden and indoor decorative construction. The bamboo is certified to be green building material because it does not require a long time to re grow to mature material.

Bamboo will crack easily as time go by, it does not affect the strength of the pole as long as it is not wide open. Bamboo process high-density strength � in some ways stronger than steel, concrete and spruce � is due to its high content of silicates, essentially the glass-like substance found in sand.

We have many sizes bamboo pole for you to choose from, for smaller diameter bamboo stakes, please go to our bamboo stake page. Our larger diameter bamboo poles, from 3" to 6" diameter is Moso Bamboo poles, sometimes we call it bamboo timber because of it large size. The smaller bamboo pole is Iron Bamboo or Calcutta Bamboo, Chinese bamboo.

Key Benefits: Bamboo cost less when compare to wood or metal, and they are a rapidly renewable natural materials.

Bamboo poles can be used for for building tropical theme project as posts, support, or just simply decoration.

Our bamboo poles are cleaned, processed for longevity and strength.

We sell only Moso thick wall bamboo poles in 3" and up in diameter. Bamboo poles less than 3" in diameter is Chinese bamboo cane

BP-10 Chinese Bamboo Poles, 1" diameter, 8' long. $3.65 + shipping 1" x 8'L BP-15 Chinese Bamboo Poles, 1 1/4" diameter, 8' long. $4.65 + shipping 1" x 8'L BP-02 Chinese Bamboo Poles, 2" diameter, 8' long. $9.85 + shipping 2" x 8'L BP-03 Moso Bamboo Poles, 3" diameter, 8' long. $15.85 + shipping 3" x 8'L BP-04 Moso Bamboo Poles, 4" diameter, 8' long. $24.45 + shipping 4" x 8'L BP-05 Moso Bamboo Poles, 5" diameter, 8' long. $29.45 + shipping 5" x 8'L BP-06 Moso Bamboo Poles, 6" diameter, 8' long. $36.45 + shipping 6" x 8'L

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Price: $3.65

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Engineered BambooGridwall
H display unit, oak wood color, use standard gridwall accessories.

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